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Commons Discovery コンポーネント

Discoveryコンポーネントは、プラグイン可能なインターフェースを発見したり探したりする為のコンポーネントです。 プラグイン可能なインターフェースは、 Pluggable interfaces are specified with the intent that multiple implementations are, or will be, available to provide the service described by the interface. Discovery provides facilities for finding and intantiating classes, and for lifecycle management of singleton (factory) classes.

In the absence of a common service for discoverying interface implementations, many components have pioneered design and implementation principles for self-discovery (i.e. JAXP, commons-logging, others). The Commons Discovery component seeks to stand on the shoulders of it's predecessors by extracting the essential principles and making them available to both end user developers and to facilitate self-discovery for those components that would provide such services through their own APIs.

The Commons Discovery Component improves over previous implementations by establishing facilities for working within managed environments. These allow configuration and property overrides without appealing to the global System properties (which are scoped across an entire JVM).


The Best Practices document demonstrates best-practices for end-user developers and for wrapper/factory classes that encapsulate discovery services.

The JavaDoc API documents are available online. In particular, you should read the package overview of the org.apache.commons.discovery package.

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