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History of Changes


Version 1.10-dev (19 Feb 2003)

  • addSupport for zoom level(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addFreeze and split pane support(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addRow and column headers on printouts(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 1.8-dev (20 Sep 2002)

  • addCustom Data Format Support(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addEnhanced Unicode Support for Russian and Japanese(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addEnhanced formula support including read-only for "optimized if" statements.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for cloning objects(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addFixes for header/footer(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSpanish Documentation translations(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for preserving VBA macros(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 1.7-dev (???)

  • updateRemoved runtime dependency on commons logging.(NKB)
  • updateFormula support(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 1.5.1 (16 June 2002)

  • updateRemoved depedency on commons logging. Now define poi.logging system property to enable logging to standard out.(GJS)
  • fixFixed SST string handling so that spreadsheets with rich text or extended text will be read correctly.(GJS)

Version 1.5 (06 May 2002)

  • updateNew project build.(NKB)
  • updateNew project documentation system based on Cocoon.(NKB)
  • updatePackage rename(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixVarious bug fixes(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addEarly stages of HSF development (not ready for development)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInitial low level record support for charting (not complete)(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 1.1.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Created new event model(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Optimizations made to HSSF including aggregate records for values, rows, etc.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • predictive sizing, offset based writing (instead of lots of array copies)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • minor re-factoring and bug fixes.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 1.0.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Minor documentation updates.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.14.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Added DataFormat helper class and exposed set and get format on HSSFCellStyle(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Fixed column width apis (unit wise) and various javadoc on the subject(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Fix for Dimensions record (again)... (one of these days I'll write a unit test for this ;-p).(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Some optimization on sheet creation.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.13.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Changes not recorded.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.12.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Added MulBlank, Blank, ColInfo(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Added log4j facility and removed all sys.out type logging(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Added support for adding font's, styles and corresponding high level api for styling cells(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • added support for changing row height, cell width and default row height/cell width.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Added fixes for internationalization (UTF-16 should work now from HSSFCell.setStringValue, etc when the encoding is set)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • added support for adding/removing and naming sheets.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.11.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Bugfix release. We were throwing an exception when reading RKRecord objects.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.10.0 (Release date not recorded)

  • Got continuation records to work (read/write)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Added various pre-support for formulas(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Massive API reorganization, repackaging.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • BiffViewer class added for validating HSSF & POI and/or HSSF Output.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Better API support for modification.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.7 (and interim releases) (Release date not recorded)

  • Added encoding flag to high and low level api to use utf-16 when needed (HSSFCell.setEncoding())(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • added read only support for Label records (which are reinterpreted as LabelSST when written)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Broken continuation record implementation (oops)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • BiffViewer class added for validating HSSF & POI and/or HSSF Output.(POI-DEVELOPERS)

Version 0.6 (release) (Release date not recorded)

  • Support for read/write and modify.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • Read only support for MulRK records (converted to Number when writing) (POI-DEVELOPERS)