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History of Changes


Version 1.0 (Sep 22 2004)

  • fix Ensure that the logging interceptor will work properly when wrapping around JDK dynamic proxies. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-55.

Version 1.0-rc-2 (Sep 11 2004)

  • add Add method getSymbolValue() to RegistryInfrastructure and Module (HLS)
  • fix Fix class loader issues concerning fabricated classes in different modules. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-48.
  • fix Allow symbols to be escaped rather than expanded. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-47.
  • fix The previous fix was incomplete; this should close the remaining sychronization gaps. (HLS) Thanks to James Carman. Fixes HIVEMIND-44.
  • fix Class loading issue inside Tomcat. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-49.
  • fix Tweak HiveMind to work properly in a JavaWebStart application. (HLS) Thanks to James Carman. Fixes HIVEMIND-10.
  • add Add clearCache() method to PropertyUtils. (HLS)
  • update Change the API for ClassFactory to take a ClassLoader, not a Module. (HLS)
  • fix Handle duplicated methods in service interfaces, avoiding "attempt to redefine method" errors. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-52.

Version 1.0-rc-1 (Aug 25 2004)

  • update Remove support for Simple Data Language ... it's all XML again. (HLS)
  • update Re-work part of PipelineFactory to take advantage of object references. (HLS)
  • update Make the service-id of <invoke-factory> optional and default to hivemind.BuilderFactory. (HLS)
  • update Change the hivemind.Startup configuration to take an object reference, not a service id. (HLS)
  • fix SmartTranslator should differentiate between blank strings and null input (HLS) Thanks to Michael Frericks. Fixes HIVEMIND-29.
  • update Improvements to HiveBuild to properly handle changing versions or useages of artifacts. (HLS)
  • add Add ability to mark attributes of an element as unique, such that duplicate values in contributions result in errors. (HLS) Thanks to Johan Lindquist. Fixes HIVEMIND-43.
  • fix Add checks to SchemaProcessorImpl for empty stack conditions (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-41.
  • fix Add parameters-occurs attribute to <service-point> element. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-33.
  • fix Specify location in all module deployment descriptor parse exceptions. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-23.
  • add Add Quick Reference Sheet. (HLS) Thanks to Stefan Liebig. Fixes HIVEMIND-42.
  • fix Add getCause() method to ApplicationRuntimeException (HLS) Thanks to Luke Blanshard. Fixes HIVEMIND-16.
  • add Add polling methods to Registry. (HLS) Thanks to Naresh Sikha. Fixes HIVEMIND-37.
  • add Add polling methods to BeanFactory. (HLS) Thanks to Naresh Sikha. Fixes HIVEMIND-36.
  • fix Fix broken synchronization in ThreadedServiceModel and PooledServiceModel that could make them randomly fail when creating a service by invoking a factory. (HLS) Thanks to James Carman. Fixes HIVEMIND-44.
  • fix Check for <sub-module> references that do not exist. (HLS) Thanks to Johan Lindquist. Fixes HIVEMIND-34.

Version 1.0-beta-2 (Aug 1 2004)

  • fix Removed dependency on Werkz. (KW) Fixes HIVEMIND-6.
  • update Added link to the Jakarta mailing lists page. (HLS)
  • fix Modifed the build scripts to properly include variable info when compiling. (HLS) Thanks to Achim Hügen. Fixes HIVEMIND-21.
  • update Moved the Ant build scripts to a new directory, hivebuild, in preparation for making hivebuild reusable on new projects. (HLS)
  • update Added protected method constructRegistry() to HiveMindFilter. (HLS)
  • update Renamed existing 'object' translator to 'instance', and created a new 'object' translator with great flexibility. Extend BuilderFactory to add a set-object element that leverages the object translator. (HLS)
  • update Created service-property object translator. (HLS)
  • update Added a version of Registry.getService() that omits the service id (but requires that exactly one service point implements the service interface). (HLS) Thanks to Marcus Brito. Fixes HIVEMIND-20.
  • update Extended the BuilderFactory to autowire services. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-22.
  • add Added a new module that contains HiveMind example code. (HLS)
  • update Fixed some latent bugs related to submodules inside the constructRegistry task. Made some more improvements to the hivebuild scripts. (HLS)
  • update Updated the download location for the Forrest distribution. (HLS)
  • update Added more examples and examples documentation. (HLS)
  • add Added StrictErrorHandler, an implementation of ErrorHandler that always throws an ApplicationRuntimeException. (HLS)
  • update Moved the code for the Grabber Ant task into the tree and improve the build scripts to dynamically compile and use it. (HLS)
  • fix Typo in jar-module.xml causes broken build if junit library is missing (HLS) Thanks to Johan Lindquist. Fixes HIVEMIND-31.
  • fix Made a number of changes to ensure HiveMind compatibility with JDK 1.3. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-35.
  • fix Changed some unit tests to adapt to platform line endings. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-26.
  • fix Fix the HiveDoc XSL to use XML (not SDL) output. (HLS) Thanks to Johan Lindquist. Fixes HIVEMIND-46.

Version 1.0-beta-1 (Jun 26 2004)

  • updateAdded change log. (HLS)
  • updateRefactored ClassFab and related classes for easier reuse outside of HiveMind. Added a new suite of tests related to ClassFab.(HLS)
  • addCreated two new services in hivemind-lib for creating default implementations of arbitrary interfaces (DefaultImplementationBuilder) and for using that to create placeholder services (PlaceholderFactory).(HLS)
  • addCreated MessageFormatter class as a wrapper around ResourceBundle and an easy way for individual packages to gain access to runtime messages. (HLS)
  • updateModified the read-attribute rule to allow a translator to be specified (overriding the translator for the attribute).(HLS)
  • addAdded the qualified-id and id-list translators.(HLS)
  • addAdded the hivemind.lib.PipelineFactory and related code, schemas, tests and documentation. (HLS)
  • fix Enhance logging of exceptions when setting a service property to a contribution (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-4.
  • add Added service hivemind.lib.BeanFactoryBuilder. (HLS)
  • update Removed the <description> element from the module descriptor format; descriptions are now provided as enclosed text for element that support descriptions. (HLS)
  • update Changed the MethodMatcher classes to use a MethodSignature rather than a Method. (HLS)
  • update Changed MessageFormatter to automatically convert Throwables into their message or class name. (HLS)
  • add Added FileResource. (HLS)
  • update Extended hivemind.BuilderFactory to be able to set the ClassResolver; for a service implementation, and to autowire common properties (log, messages, serviceId, errorHandler, classResolver) if the properties are writeable and of the correct type. (HLS)
  • update Added methods newControl(), newMock(), addControl(), replayControls() and verifyControls() to HiveMindTestCase to simplify test cases that use multiple EasyMock mock objects. (HLS)
  • update Changed HiveMindFilter to log a message after it stores the registry into the servlet context. (HLS)
  • fix Restore the getConfiguration() and expandSymbols() methods to the Registry interface. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-11.
  • fix SimpleDataLanguageParser calls the ContentHandler with a null namespace argument instead of "". That leads to some problems if you want to use transformers. (HLS) Thanks to Dieter Bogdoll. Fixes HIVEMIND-9.
  • fix Fix how certain translator messages are generated to avoid unit test failures. (HLS) Thanks to Achim Hügen. Fixes HIVEMIND-7.
  • update Modify the build files to enable debugging by default. (HLS) Fixes HIVEMIND-12.
  • update Added validation of id attributes in module deployment descriptors (using ORO regular expressions). (HLS)
  • fix Fix some typos in definition of the hivemind.lib.NameLookup service. (HLS)
  • fix Fix a mistake in the BuilderFactory's set-object element, and add integration tests. (HLS) Thanks to Naresh Sikha. Fixes HIVEMIND-25.